Micro-Modal vs Cotton

Micro-Modal is an Eco-friendly choice

Micro-Modal is 3x softer than cotton (Kawabata Evaluation System)

Naturally breathable (50% more than cotton)

Uses 20% less water in production compared with cotton

Because it is from a natural sustainable source no man-made irrigation is needed like in other things such as cotton

20 x less water consumption than cotton to grow

50% more water absorbent than cotton

Micro-Modal yield is 10x higher per acre than cotton

Beech trees multiply through rejuvenation, so the trees naturally propagate themselves (the forests where the wood is sourced still grows at a rate of 10 million cubic meters higher than the wood harvested a year!)

No artificial irrigation needed

700 gallons of water are needed to make enough cotton for 1 t shirt (= around 40 showers)

Most cotton made is genetically modified which has led to soil and water pollution and threats to biodiversity

Help the Environment...