It starts with a tree

Our TENCEL™ Micro Modal fibre comes from beech trees that grow in their natural habitat. They have all the nutrients and rain required and don’t need fertilizer or irrigation. They’re fully renewable, self seeding and forest growth outpaces the harvesting.


Use all, spoil none


Wood is an incredibly important resource.  That’s why we chose to partner with a  company called Lenzing who have strict wood sourcing policies. Lenzings policy is ‘use all, spoil none’.



Precious Water


We know that water is one of the planet’s most precious resources. 

TENCEL™ Micro Modal isn’t thirsty: it uses 20 times less water to produce than cotton. 

When we do have to use water, it’s recycled.


Closed Loop System


The production of TENCEL™ Micro Modal materials from sustainable beech trees is almost a wholly closed loop system. Nearly nothing is wasted. Some of the  bi-products of this production process are are made into glass, pulp and paper. 

Lenzing also produce their own bio-energy, chemicals and re-use the water whereever possible.



Don’t take our word for it


Our manufacturing partners are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest) which means we source materials that meet strict standards to protect forests, and the animals and people who depend on them.



It ends with a Perky Pants


We started Perky Pants to design the most comfortable, sustainable and ethical underwear on the planet, and inject a bit of fun and originality into it along the way. The secret ingredient is the TENCEL™ Micro Modal. It’s three times softer then cotton, uses less water and cuts our carbon footprint in half. Our fabric is silky smooth, lightweight, breathable and absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton, keeping your skin feeling cool and dry throughout the day and night. What more can you ask for, in a pair of undies?