From Forest to Perky Pants


Environment-Friendly Pants

Where it all begins

Textile printing company Rueff. We live craftsmanship. Absolutely analogous yet state-of-the-art. We love our work and everything resulting from it.

Natural Ink

Rueff Philosophy

"A vibrant green in dappled shade, yet not too flat!" Most colours originate in the heart, one could say. This was certainly true for Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser.When he suddenly showed up at the gates of the old Rueff factory, everything felt like providence. He wanted to award his new home New Zealand with a flag. A flag featuring this special green and no Union Jack. The flag printery in Vienna was at a loss with this colour specification. In Muntlix, however, phantasies immediately danced. One thing led to the other. "The flag is so pretty, yet the factory is so ugly." Today, the aftermath of this comment is a wonderful legend. In 1988, the dream factory opened its gates. Uneven floors, round corners, onion-domed towers and numerous flags. The vision of the disentanglement of human and architectural geometrization is alive. It’s alive all over the factory. Thanks to Hundertwasser. Everything here is inspiration. Colours and forms, corners and edges, waves and lines. A building flooded with art, since textile printing is applied art. We have even worked for the Andy Warhol Foundation. The factory seems like an exhibition center, where memories and visions are allowed the same space. For both are inspiration. And that’s what we live off.

Little Man

This little guy hand tests the colour quality to ensure it is perfect 

Boss Man


Chilling for Lunch

At Rueff they love us so much they let us smoke inside and have lunch in this funky place

Clean Screen

I love cleaning the screens and love working here, its real cool fun 


Factory Outside