Celebrate your Cheeks

Butts, bums, backsides, rumps. We love ‘em. So much that we created a new type of undies for the modern girl and guy. Our pants do so much more than simply enhance your derriere. They’re real superheroes of the underwear world. Incredibly soft, comfortable, stylee and durable, our smalls also tick all the boxes when it comes to planet-friendly clothing. Our intimates are made from trees. Not just any trees, Austrian beech trees that are sustainability superstars. So, wouldn’t you think using wood for knickers would be kinda uncomfortable? Well you’d be wrong. Our pants feel so good on, you hardly know you’re wearing them. And when you do, you don’t want to take them off.

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Who are Perky Pants

The people behind the pants

We launched Perky Pants with a simple goal - to design the most comfortable, sustainable and ethical underwear on the planet - and do it with fun and originality along the way. It all started when my sausage dog, Cheska, tore through my home mid-BBQ with a pair of my knackered knickers in her jaws. A great icebreaker and perfect pivot into a hilarious conversation where we dove deep into our undie drawers to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes down to underwear. That conversation sparked an idea, to surround myself with quality, comfy, breathable and fun underwear, that's environmentally friendly and made from natural materials. Too much to ask? It seems it was, so I decided to make my own. Perky Pants was born. 


Meet the team

Perky, the perfect pants

Breathable - Keeping you smooth and cool

Odour resistant - Keeping things fresh downstairs since 2019 

3 X softer than cotton - Complete comfort for your cheeks