What is Micro-Modal?

Perky Pants uses Micro-Modal which is derived from pulp of sustainably sourced beech trees from Europe. 
These beech trees self propogate allowing the forests to expand.
These trees are also from historic forest with natural water sources meaning they dont need extra watering. 
It is also eco-friendly due to the closed loop nature of Lenzing, where even the bi-products are used for thermal energy and glass production. 
Even though the process to make Micro-Modal is man made the esscence of the material is still natural, meaning it still holds all the proporties of a natural material. 



Micro-Modal is 3 times softer than cotton

Micro-Modal has a naturally cool and silky feel making it perfect for on skin contact

*softness measured on the Kawabata Evaluation System for fabrics.


When buying underwear comfort is king! That is why at Perky Pants we only use the best micro-modal material which makes our underwear incredibly comfortable. This material is amazingly soft (3 times softer than cotton).

Micro-Modal has an incredibly close knit fibre structure, which is one of the things which makes it so soft - it is often compared to a sturdier silk whilst always maintaining this tight knit structure means even after repeated washes and use they are still like brand new unlike cotton!

For fabrics that are so close in contact with your delicate areas surely you want the height of comfort, to keep yourself feeling bloody amazing!

Naturally Odour Resistant

Naturally Odour Resistant

Micro-Modal is naturally odour resistant and allows bacteria and sweat to pass through easily, meaning no unwanted guests stay around down there!


Naturally Breathable


Micro-Modal is praised for its breathability. When it comes to this natural fibres are always the way to go compared with plasticy synthetic ones which don't allow proper airflow. This breathabilty is another element which makes Micro-Modal such a comfortable material to wear so close to your initimate parts. Micro-Modal allows heat and moisture to pass through easily so you don't get all hot and sticky meaning your temperature is more easily regulated naturally.